Test Bed

Daejeon ETRI

Personalized manufacturing service test bed
• Demonstration test bed for verification of R&D technology and prototype production
• Expand test bed for verification of R&D results (technology application and advancement)
• Date of opening of the Center: 2016.4
• Introduced system: Smart Manufacturing System (FaaS : Factory as a Service) Standard
• System composition: 12 units of 3D printers, automation postprocessing (fumigator, CNC), tower handler, assembler, vision test equipment, relevant SW and PC, etc.
• • Key features: Personalized manufacturing service (FaaS) situated in the Convergence Technology Research and Production Center of Daejeon ETRI is a 3D printer-based future type smart factory aimed at the provision of support for prototype manufacturing for small and medium enterprises and customers planning to produce idea product and business startup with burden of diversified costs, manpower and time in the said prototype production. In addition, it is aimed at the provision of support for flexible production of multiple categories of products with high level of completeness by using 3D printer that employs lamination manufacturing format as well as CNC procedure for the postprocessing and vapor procedure at the same time.