Test Bed

Gwangju K-ICT

3D printing center R&D Gwangju Information and Contents Agency
•Manufacture prototype for companies for activation of manufacturers and small & medium enterprises in Gwangju region
• Demonstration test bed for product manufacturing
• Date of opening of the Center: 2016. 12. 7
• Introduced system: Smart manufacturing system (FaaS: Factory as a Service) Standard
• System composition: 2 units each of 3D printers (DLP) and 3D printers (SLA), 2 units of 3D scanners and S/W, etc. that have been specialized for production of smart household appliances
• Production range: IoT products, wearable devices, small household appliances, daily life accessories and others (beacon, wireless recharger and educational products, etc.) within the size of 20cm)
• Key roles: Establish infrastructure in the area of 3D printing, which is the next generation core technology, centered-around K-ICT 3D Printing Gwangju Center and provide comprehensive 3D printing support for small and medium enterprises in Gwangju region for commercialization support, education and businesses necessary for the specialized area of ICT-based smart household appliances
• Key features: Strengthen local small and medium enterprises through innovation of manufacturing processes and products through application of the latest 3D printing technologies to smart household appliance industry, which is a specialized area in Gwangju, and establishment of future-type micro-smart factory capable of flexible and speedy production for small quantity production of multiple items in multiple categories and lowering the threshold costs even at the time of manufacturing small quantities