Test Bed

Seoul Yonsei University

Faas Miniature LAB
• Demonstration test bed for education and cultivation of manpower
• Time of introduction: 2018. 12
• Introduced system: FaaS Miniature
• System composition: 3DP(3 units), CNC(2 units), AOI(2 units), AssY(2 units), buffer(2 units), robot(3 units)
• Key roles
  - Check product manufacturing scheduling by using FaaS Mini and collect and utilized data generated during the product manufacturing process
  - Apply the data collected from FaaS Mini to actual smart factory
• Key features
  - Installed at Industrial Engineering Department of Yonsei University. Installed FaaS Mini to pursue research on product manufacturing scheduling and relevant algorithms
  - Install 2 unit each of other equipment with the exception of 3D printer and mini-handler