TrendSeoul Co., Ltd. is leading the industrial trend in the era of the 4th generation industrial revolution
with its smart future intelligent type factory equipped with smart factory, 3D printing and cooperative robots.

Incorporation date / 2016. 7. 18


  • 2021
    - Transfer of headquarters (Dogok-dong --> Dongsan-dong)
    - Introduction of FaaS miniature to Hansung University
    - Cobot utilization system development for GM Korea in progress
  • 2020
    - Completion of variable jig (SHINT Jinyoung line), ETRI line)
    - Development of SHINT injection automation equipment (using cobot)
    - Supply Safety Tool Cover to GMK (utilizing 3D printing)
  • 2019
    - Completion of services for Gwangju Science & Technology Promotion Agency
    - Introduction of FaaS miniature to Yonsei University, KITECH, ETRI and Hanyang University Erica
  • 2018
    - Report as a SW business operator (Report No.: B18-148177)
    - Direct manufacturer certification confirmation (No. 2018-0071-01622)
    - Completion of commercialization of multiple 3D printing control platform software
    - LEAFAX, completion of designing/manufacturing of variable jig for automobile door trim
    - ETRI, completion of designing/manufacturing of filament selector
    - FaaS, completion of technology transfer for conversion to IoT (1st application to Erica SMLC at Hanyang University)
    - Korea/Germany project in progress (Smart workspace)
    - Development of FaaS miniature system
  • 2017
    - Transfer of headquarters to Seocho-dong
    - Subscription of new stocks and capital increase
    - Acknowledgement of subsidiary research center of the company (No. 2017114937)
    - Completion of FaaS technology transfer (Contract period: 17.11.21~2022.12.31)
    - Completion of installation of Erica Smart Factory Learning Center (SMLC) at Hanyang University and installation of FaaS Test Bed at Korea Polytechnics 6 University
    - Execute company registration research for GM Korea (GMK) (vision solution in 3D scan format)
    - Set up Erica Smart Factory Learning Center (SMLC) at Hanyang University
    - Set up FaaS Test Bed at Korea Polytechnics 6 University
  • 2016
    - Business registration of the corporation
    - Completion of technology transfer for multiple 3D printing control system (Contract period: 16.12.15~2021.12.31)
    - Commencement of ‘FaaS related research services’ for Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) of Korea
    - First to design 3D printing-based smart factory (2015.4)
    Pursue commercialization (plan for commencing sales in the 2nd half of 2017)
    - Execute services for commercialization of HVS FaaS line establishment technology (design, develop and install)
    - Completion of transfer of “FaaS 3D printer management and multiple control technology” to