Company Introduction

TrendSeoul Co., Ltd. is leading the industrial trend in the era of the 4th generation industrial revolution
with its smart future intelligent type factory system at which all technologies are converged and interact with each other.

Business areas

  • Support production and small quantity manufacturing of prototypes
    (support urban-type smart factory and manufacturing)
  • Line commercialization
    (smart factory technology and educational curriculum development)
  • Managed Robot Service
  • Support engineering service
    (engineering service and technical instructions)
  • Education to nurture specialists
    (education and technological cooperation and interaction)


  • H/W Platform
    FaaS Standard / FaaS_mini / 5G Private Solution
  • IOT Middleware
    Multi / Remote Control
  • Cloud Platform
    Online Cloud Platform
  • Contents
    Educational Curriculum

  • Organization

    Subsidiary research center of the company, marketing department
  • Employees

  • Technologies held

    - Multiple control platform S/W for 3D printing (transferred to ETRI in 2017)
    - FaaS IoT Middleware S/W (transferred to ETRI in 2018)
    - In-house development of 3D printer material (filament) selector (2018)
    - In-house development of FaaS Miniature platform (2018)
    - In-house development of automation equipment for water transfer printing (2018)
    - Development of injection automation cooperation robot (2020)

Certifications and Patents

• Certifications and patents - Technology research center certification, venture certification and 3 patent registrations
• Technology credit - Acquired technology credit guarantee in 2017 and IP certification in 2020

Key Performances

- Daejeon ETRI Demonstration Center
- FaaS line at the K-ICT 3D Printing Center of Gwangju Science & Technology Promotion Agency
- SML Smart factory of Erica Campus of Hanyang University
- FaaS test bed at Korea Polytechnics 6 University
- FaaS Lab at Seoul Yonsei University, KITECH and Hansung University